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  • Hi,

    I have a wide variaty (60+) of header images I am using for my website.

    Is it posible to preload header images in sets of 5? Seems kind of pointless to preload all my header images everytime someone visits the page. No one will see all of them anyway.
    That way I can reduce the loading time of my site.

    Why I have so much header images?
    So recurring visitors aren’t presented with the exact same random set of images everytime. Lets say a visitor sees 5 headers on each visit. Those 5 images will get boring real quick and I don’t want to replace those images every week. 😉

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  • Should be doable to implement or am I mistaken?

    – Specify number of images to preload “Y”
    – Check the total amount of images uploaded “Z”, use the random feature to select “Y” from “Z”, display the selected images “X” in the header.

    Y = 5
    Z = 60
    X = 1,16,23,45,58

    I however lack the knowledge of how to implement that.
    Does anyone here know how to accomplish this?

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