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  • Hi,

    On most sites, uploading or embedding is a separate process from posting i.e. the user clicks upload or embed to insert the image in their post, and THEN submits the post. This maximises flexibility; for example, the user may want to add some text after the image before posting. With your plug-in, submitting the post and uploading/embedding the image/video are performed at the same time, but I really want them to be separated. I am not afraid to hack your plug-in if necessary to achieve this.

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    Hello ljmac,

    I hope you are doing well today!

    At the current time a user can add the image only after the text. I’ve searched for it, and there is no out of the box, ready solution for this.

    To achieve this, It’s needs custom coding and you can freely modify the plugin’s core files.

    Please note that after plugin’s update these modifiction will be lost, so it will be better if you have a copy of the code saved somwhere else.

    Let us know how it went!



    I’m happy to custom code it, although I’m not very knowledgable in PHP programming. Are you able to give me some hints as to how it could do this? I’m guessing it would involve changing your plug-in’s submit function into an upload function, and allowing the standard BuddyPress posting function to submit the post.

    Plugin Support Nastia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello ljmac,

    My apologies for late reply.

    I had a feedback from a developer and I am afraid this is not easy to do even for an advanced level programmer.

    However, our developer mentioned that you will need to modify the codec and the binder for the back end, the interface.js file for the front end to get this done. The files are the following:
    File names class_bpfb_codec.php, class_bpfb_binder.php and the bpfb_interface.js

    I hope this helps!


    hi ljmac,
    i’d also like to stop the immediate publishing of uploaded/embedded content.
    have you managed to solve the issue? if so, any chance you could share it?

    Hi maxgx,

    Unfortunately not – it requires a level of programming knowledge I don’t presently have.

    I’d really like to see somebody who knows what they’re doing fork this plug-in to make it work in a proper way – it would solve a LOT of incompatibility issues it presently has.

    thanks ljmac.
    this venture in BuddyPress land is turning into a nightmare. the main BP itself it’s been branded as a “modern, robust, and sophisticated social network software”, WPMU staff is one of the most advanced and knowledgeable in the field, but it’s clear (to me, at least) they both have paid little attention on how the social network world does the biz.

    they both have done a fantastic job only to miss on obvious (again, to me, at least) points.

    comments are not something you can ignore and neglect out of your feature set, so if you create a plugin for loading media in a post, the same has to happen on comments. BP does not allow it? well, ask them to, and in the mean time let us users know about the issue: i’m sure we’d have all joined in and asked BP team about it too a long time ago.

    still on comments, you cannot have notifications on new posts and not on new comments! that’s what a poster on a social network will be waiting for all along, otherwise s/he would just get a blog!!!

    and no social network fires a post cos you are attaching a media, no way. the point is not the attachment, the point is the whole post, hence you ought to let your users finish what they’re doing before enjoying the extra “embellishment”.

    sorry for the rant, but i’ve spent days on issues i’d have not even imagined in my wildest dreams that i’d have to face.

    oh well, back on the search for a solution for attaching media to poor old comments on BuddyPress. i think the rtMedia staff was offering one, let’s hope that does not come with attached “hidden strings” too.

    Hi maxgx,

    Regarding the comments notification issue, try this:

    BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier

    I agree with you that BuddyPress has a lot of frustratingly obvious holes in its functionality – for me the biggest one is the lack of privacy controls, but there are many others. I’ve had to do a LOT of custom hacks to get things working the way I want.

    thanks ljmac, i’ll try that out.
    so far, i was able to get around the absence of comment notifications using BuddyPress Live Notification from the same people, which shows a popup notification message (i’m now at 20 BuddyPress-related plugins, half of which could be easily made available in core).

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