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  • The one star reviewers are novice, inexperienced developers; if you can call them that.

    This plugin did not negatively impact my site in the least.

    My current website that I’m working on has 56 plugins. Most of them have customized edits. My load times before this plugin averaged at 0.97 seconds or 970ms over 10 runs with 30,255kB of RAM usage at the highest point over 10 runs.

    After I installed the plugin and loaded my code into it, my load times were 0.97 seconds or 970ms with 30,292kB of RAM usage at the highest point over 10 runs.

    So the only thing it changed was 0.037 (1/27th) of a MEGABYTE. It increased the RAM usage by a 1/833rd.

    And I can say that the little impact that this plugin had was from MY EXTRA CODE. So this plugin leaves virtually NO FOOTPRINT.


    You have to think of PHP as a pretentious demanding entitled employee. A . or a { or , put in the wrong place in your PHP code can break your site. But let me iterate how important this is. Your site is not BROKEN. So back to the lazy employee. The boss calls him to go do some work. He’s on his way to do it, and WHOA, there’s a small rock on the floor. The employee completely refuses to go further until the rock is gone, and so he sits down and shuts down. That’s PHP. So, once you remove the faulty code (or the rock) it will resume. But, as pretentious and demanding that this employee is, it’s A HARD A$S WORKER.

    So if your site breaks, download filezilla and FTP into your website and either delete the code snippet folder in the plugins folder or rename it temporarily to deactivate it. You can also go into your C-Panel, File Manager, Plesk Account, any of them and do it from that end as well. You rarely have to use FTP anymore. I use Plesk, and I can CLI content into my server, or I can drag and drop it into the file window. I would recommend it over anything else. (just for the old people who hate Plesk) It used to be terrible, but it’s gotten VERY good the last few years. I would not use C-Panel if my life depended on it. Support is out of this world. However, if you prefer MySQL 8 over MariaDB 10 like I do, then you will have to make customizations to your server as they don’t support it yet, and if you’re a beginner, don’t even attempt to try it.

    Anyway, I saw that this plugin had a score of 4.9 and I couldn’t possibly think of a reason why this doesn’t have a straight 5 star rating. If you leave a review about how it broke your site and you blame the plugin, just know that you LOOK foolish AF. Like, it just screams “I don’t know what I’m doing!”

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