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  • This plugin destroys your website. I highly recommend to have a backup, if you consider installing the plugin.

    But please do not install.

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  • Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hello @julius1234,

    I’m really sorry to hear our plugin caused this issue. I assume it went wrong when you uninstalled the plugin and that you had version 1.11.2 on your server. The issue has been fixed as of version 1.11.3, but unfortunately there is no way we can inform users about the issue.

    Again sorry for the issue.

    How can I download version 1.11.3? The only one that’s downloading for me is 1.11.2 but I don’t want to use it if it will destroy my website…

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hello @michiko3343,

    We already switched to version 1.12.0 so the best thing to do is to download that version from here: (press the download button).

    Ah sorry, I got confused and thought version 1.12 was version 1.11.2. Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Ah :-). No problem.

    I have the Version 1.12.0
    I`m not sure If I should delete ..Is it safe to delete

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hi @greenfuture,

    Version 1.12.0 should be safe. As of that update I build in a safety that prevents the plugin from deleting any .php files and after the update I have not heard any mentioning of the issue any more. But of course it is always a good habit to have a recent backup of your server just in case.

    And if you want, you can also manually delete the plugins folder, the wppfm-feeds and wppfm-logs folders in your uploads folder and then remove the _feedmanager_ tables from your database.

    Let me know if you need more support.

    Id like to use it if its safe
    Do you maintain it and updated often ?
    I need something stable and reliable so I don’t need to switch all the time.

    My hope is to find a way to create a feed for google and use it for Google Express.
    By the way you have a good plugin for adding the UPC and MPN to products ?


    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Yes, we update regularly. If you check out this page: and look at the “downloads per day” stat, you can identify every update by a spike in the uploads.

    As for the UPC and MPN plugin, I can’t give you a good advise out of experience, but this plugin looks OK:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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