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  • The plugin is out of legal compliance and there is NO WAY FOR YOU to delete data nor the account after realizing it is total crap and produces errors on your website! They want you to PAY so that they attend to your demand to take off your data and then NO LEGAL pages, NO CONTACT possible, NO WHATSOEVER LEGAL compliance fulfilled towards you as a user!! DO NOT INSTALL! POINT.

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    Very sorry for your experience. This is a free service that costs thousands of dollars per month in bandwidth charges to maintain.

    You ultimately were able to reach out via submitting a contact form but for free tier we position support as being primarily available through the official support forums and our official discourse community forum.

    Think of how much time it takes to offer free support and then offering a toll-free support phone service on top of that would be so incredibly taxing it would make offering free services like this completely not worthwhile.

    There are so so many reasons why problems occur just generally with wordpress plugins from hosting environments (PHP, web services, security firewalls, anti DDoS measures) to other conflicting plugins on your site that can cause problems like caching plugins and just random plugins that you wouldn’t think that would conflict with something like this but do.

    Usually someone posts in the support forum (and you can verify this yourself), I try my best to respond very quickly and offer support. Usually a troubleshooting interaction back-and-forth happens and in most cases I can resolve the problem.

    This legal compliance thing you are mentioning doesnt make a whole lot of sense. So we offer a free service and have to sit by the phone for a toll free number to offer free support? Where is the incentive then for an open source community to develop and contribute free services?

    The paid tier of our plugin offers 24x7x365 support because we can justify offering this level of support if you actually pay for services.

    Sorry again for your experience but this bad review will hurt the free service that other people enjoy for literally thousands of other users.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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