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  • Do not install on Plesk.
    If you do and you switch it on on multiple sites – it will screw up your sites: the sites will point to the first site you installed the plugin on.
    E.g. if you have 3 sites:
    -Site A – I installed the plugin here first
    -Site B – then here
    -Site C – then here

    Then when I switched on the plugin on all 3 sites – Plesk started to mix up the 3 sites.
    When I wanted to manage Site B or C -> it always redirected me to site A.

    I do not know how to recover from this problem…but it truly hurts.

    I had zero (no) problems with my sites before – all are extremely well managed, fully protected, virus protected etc. sites.

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    And how to solve the situation:
    1-copy your screwed up site in Plesk to another staging site
    e.g. ->

    2-remove your original from Plesk

    3-copy back to

    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    This is a misleading review. The issue you’re having has nothing to do with Plesk, but is a user-error.

    The reviewer did not read the installation instructions forgot to set a WP_REDIS_PREFIX or better a WP_REDIS_DATABASE, which will easily avoid this problem.



    @pczernecki i encountered same problem and i later found out that i didnt follow the instruction associated when using for multiple sites.
    FYI the issue is not with plesk.
    As @tillkruess was saying, following the documentation and configure the “wp-config.php” file for each of your websites, add this below just before /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */. Also change the value “0” in define( ‘WP_REDIS_DATABASE’, 0 ); for each of your site, eg. 0 for website A, 1 for website B, 2 for website C, etc and your issue is resolved.
    Don’t forget to select the appropriate supported clients for your hosting and the last line

    define( 'WP_REDIS_HOST', '' );
    define( 'WP_REDIS_PORT', 6379 );
    // define( 'WP_REDIS_PASSWORD', 'secret' );
    define( 'WP_REDIS_TIMEOUT', 1 );
    define( 'WP_REDIS_READ_TIMEOUT', 1 );
    //change the database for each site to avoid cache collisions
    define( 'WP_REDIS_DATABASE', 0 );
    // supported clients: <code>phpredis</code>, <code>credis</code>, <code>predis</code> and <code>hhvm</code>
    define( 'WP_REDIS_CLIENT', 'predis' );
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