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  1. webipsum
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Good evening.
    I'm using the 'singles' paging 'next' and 'previous', as below:

    <?php } elseif (is_single()) { ?>
    	<div class="navegacao_posts">
    		<div align="left" title="Artigo Anterior"><h6><?php next_post('%','<img src="' . get_bloginfo("template_directory") . '/images/button_post_anterior.png" />  ', 'yes') ?></h6></div>
    		<div align="right" title="Próximo Artigo"><h6><?php previous_post('%  <img src="' . get_bloginfo("template_directory") . '/images/button_post_proxima.png" />', '', 'yes' ) ?></h6></div>
    	</div> <!-- navegacao_posts -->
    <?php } ?>

    But there are some categories that do not wish them to appear.
    Please, any tips?
    Thank you.

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