• I used to use this plugin and liked it better than Yoast too, so I built a site depending on features of it that cannot be ported and they stopped the free version and I had the option to buy pro or move to another plugin when stuff started breaking. I considered buying the paid version too, but did not, because it felt like a hostage situation. Pay, or watch the site you created fall to pieces as our plugin gets obsolete.

    I don’t want to be in this place once more. If they can ditch free to promote paid, tomorrow if another plugin brings more money, they can ditch paid in favor of that too. What happens to carefully created structure on my site when the plugin becomes obsolete and starts creating problems? There is no changelog or last updated info for their paid. Not that it being published would prevent them from calling any update the last on whim.

    No thanks. I would rather maintain the crucial functions I have already used on my own and move the rest of the features to an open source plugin for an open source platform.

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  • Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith



    Just to clarify:

    1) Features can be ported in most instances with Nathan Rice’s SEO Data Transporter.
    2) There is a changelog on PRO – https://www.seoultimateplus.com/changelog/

    and regarding the situation on maintaining the plugin, we are open to have developers join and support the FREE version, but, this is a plugin with hundreds of thousands of lines of code… and is not just a simple (does one thing solution) which is why we had to say if you like it, then upgrade.

    We will more than likely bring back the free version, but, this was not a fickle decision and we shared this tool since 2008 without asking for a dime.

    So, just be aware it’s not a simple program to create or maintain and that coding time does not grow on trees, it’s an expense 😉 and yes, we did launch it as an all in one solution, but, with the ever changing landscape of WP plugin, updates and potential collisions between plugins… now more than ever you have to have a budget to stay on the vanguard.

    So, all we’re saying is, enjoy the new features and go pro to help us make this plugin even better.

    Thank you for sharing though.

    All the best,

    Jeffrey Smith

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