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  • Once the player has played the first song and the load next song says ONaN:ONaN which stops players. It be the same error on Simon Ward website

    I try Google Chrome and it work like it should

    Hello, and thanks for the plugin.

    I have the exact same bug as Christer2011. Tracks can still be played if the user browses back and forth with prev/next buttons, or uses the play/pause button. It seems related to a recent Flash Player update:

    – Browsers allowing mp3 files in HTML5 audio tags (Chrome, Safari, IE9+) work fine
    РBrowsers using the Flash player fallback (Flash player 11.6.602.171) for mp3s are affected (Firefox, Opera…).
    – Tested IE8 with a slightly anterior version of Flash player (11.5.502.146): no bug, works fine

    I initially witnessed the bug with v. 1.7.3 of the plugin, then updated to 1.8.1 but it didn’t change anything. The bug occurs on my website ( as well as on your (Simon Ward) website, as stated by Christer2011.

    Hope an easy fix will be found for this. Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author simon.ward


    Fixed in 1.8.3!

    Thanks for the update, Simon.

    In between, I actually switched to a manual installation of the native jPlayer plugin. It’s a good thing you updated your own plugin to 2.2.0.

    I would use your plugin again if I ever have to design a website with an audio player for someone else. As for my own band’s website, I guess I’ll stick to the native jPlayer because it allows to offer OGG and MP3 versions of each track, thus avoiding the use of Flash in the vast majority of cases.

    That would be a possible nice feature for any future version of your plugin. It would not really be “MP3-jPlayer” anymore, but still.

    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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