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  • The free version was a joke. So I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought the paid version would be better.

    I paid for a one-time 1gb of optimization as a test, which estimates ~10,000 photos.
    Imagify claims I have optimized over 3500 images and have used over 80% of my credit.

    My website is brand new! I only even have 150 images/files for my ENTIRE website/media gallery. Even if this was doubld, tripled, or multiplied by 10 it still doesn’t match up!
    These image files aren’t exactly huge or anything either, most even pre-web optimized!

    I email them to let them know. Support replies: “well, on our end it says you have done 3500 images, they must just be really large files”.

    I reply with the screenshots of their bulk optimizer saying that I’ve optimized 143 images totaling 236.6mb (0.2gb-which still seems off), and that only 43% of my images have been optimized. Which is also strange because I definitely optimized 100% of my photos and have not added any since. No response.

    Seriously Imagify? Like I’m glad it was only $10, but just the response on this makes me want to file a charge back. Unacceptable!

    SAVE YOUR MONEY and don’t buy from this SCAM they’re running!

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