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    There’s a touted feature where you can add multiple accounts from the same social network to auto publish to, but it does NOT work unless you choose ALL the categories. Using different categories for different accounts will NOT work.

    I have asked the developer to fix this bug for over a month now without success, despite PAYING for the plugin and expecting in good faith for this issue to be resolved, but it remains to be seen if it will ever be fixed, so fair warning to all who were looking at this as a solution if you have multiple accounts at the same network (FB, G+, etc)

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    How many times I need to tell you that we are looking at your problem?

    Nobody else have such an issue, it’s somehow unique to your environment. We are dong as much as we can to fix it personally for you.

    Could you please stop being everywhere? We already have 19 tickets and numerous threads from you. That’s really enough.

    You said this would be fixed in 2.6.3. It was still broken. You said this would be fixed in 2.7.0. It’s STILL broken.

    I’ve waited a month for this fix, for a plugin that I PAID FOR, for a fix I NEED in order to complete my blog development, but I shouldn’t be upset?????

    19 tickets, and you don’t respond to any of them, and you wonder why I open more tickets?

    Here’s a simple way to resolve things: FIX THE DAMNED BUG that you said would be FIXED 2 releases ago!

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    BTW, you are not right and there is no reason to use such language.

    The bug that we promised to fix in 2.7 was successfully fixed. If you repeat your screencast that you have sent us 19 times in 2.7 it will correctly post everything.

    The problem that you have now with your non-human posts is completely different issue.

    I thought the two were related since it results in the same channels being ignored.

    In any event I know what’s happening, it only checks the next channel if the first channel has the category being published to selected, then it checks the next one and auto publishes again if that category is selected. That’s fine if we’re talking about different accounts, but I’m using the same account for all my networks here, so doing that results in duplicate posts.

    To sum up, if a category is excluded in the first channel, the process stops there and it doesn’t check the next channel.

    I’m sorry I’ve been getting EXTREMELY frustrated over this and have been trying to get a solution in place where posts of different formats are auto published accordingly, whether non-human or not.

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    Now you lost me.

    >> if a category is excluded in the first channel, the process stops there and it doesn’t check the next channel.

    Is this what happens now or is this you want to happen?

    That’s what happens now.

    Say I have three Facebook channels as an example, called #1, #2, #3

    Channel #1 has the category “Blogging” assigned to it

    Channel #2 has the category “Images” assigned to it

    Channel #3 has the category “Fluffy Stuff” assigned to it.

    Now say I write a post via my iPhone (makes this a non human post) and assign it to the category “Images.”

    In the log, it says “[2013-02-25 19:59:27] – [Skipped] [Facebook (Facebook #1)] – [Non-Human Post] – Individual Category Excluded – Post ID:(868)

    And that’s it. It skipped Facebook #1, but it never checked Facebook #2 or #3. If it did it would have auto published to Facebook #2 where the category Images WAS assigned. That’s what I WANTED to happen but it doesn’t.

    You see what I mean?

    you smart, you post your question here, so u received faster support … i think we should do it this way ….

    Can I get a confirmation that you understood the issue I’m experiencing here and whether a fix will be in the works?

    Just installed and did a test post with 2.7.1, still broken.

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    This problem has been fixed in version 2.7.2

    Not gonna lie, I am completely disgusted how the NextScript admin replied to you Frank. I don’t care if a customer is screaming and yelling, it is not your job to fight back, you apologize and provide an explantation and calm the person down.

    I can see 19 tickets can be excessive, but you really don’t need to explode your anger.

    My purchase of the Google+ API is pretty slim now after reading how this thread was handled.

    To be fair, it’s probably more due to a faulty ticket system and miscommunication (the issues I saw were actually two separate bugs rather than one.) I do think the developer should consolidate his support system into a solution like ZenDesk so support requests are easier to keep track of and respond to, but that’s my opinion.

    That said, I don’t think you will find a better solution for auto-publishing to Google+ AND Pinterest than SNAP, including the nearly endless amount of ways you can adjust your message formats (three different formats can be used for G+). Any alternative I’ve seen are severely limited in features and allow only one standard format that can’t be customized.

    Without SNAP I’d have no real solution to draw an audience away from social networks they use and back to the blogs I develop.

    I did up buying and I do agree that it is a good product. Just didn’t like the way the admin replied to you. Thanks for the help with the plugin!

    timothy M : reply is better than no reply … indeep a good product and admin need to hire few more to reply/response question to prevent he over stress 🙂

    Glad it’s working out for you. 😀

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