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  • I paid for the pro and anonymous versions over a week ago and receive a fatal error when I install either product. I have submitted and emailed requests for support 3 times in the last week with no response from the developer. Very disappointed in a product that I paid for and was looking forward to implementing. Do not buy this plug in.

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    This is FAKE review. We answer every support ticket within 24 hours! The profile of this user is empty and he just created it the same day of adding the review. i think it is time will moderate users who post fake reviews

    This is not a fake review. I created the profile after multiple attempts to contact the author and continued to do so after creating the review as well. I received one response when messaging their sales force and then again no reply was received after requesting a refund when I forwarded the trail of emails and attempts to generate support tickets through their system.

    Each time I would attempt to generate a support ticket, I would receive an email from their site with the case details I submitted, with no case number and the case number was not listed on my dashboard.

    After weeks of attempting to get tech support and now a refund with only the one response, I highly can only conclude that they are not interested in supporting their product.

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds


    The information is not correct. We answer all support tickets!

    You can always send a direct ticket to and follow the ticket progress on our customer dashboard

    The story you are telling is not true

    It is 100% accurate. I will forward the sting of emails to you again and just to be sure, I will even send it from a second email address. If you respond and provide the support in the timely manner that you say, I will certainly report it back here.

    24 hours is up since I resent all of my emails from two email addresses and I have not received any response from the author who claims that all support is handled within 24 hours.

    Perhaps the author should instead of telling a paying customer that they are being untruthful, should either 1) figure out why they are not getting my support emails and cases through their system or 2) support their product as promised.

    Either way, I stand by my original review. Buyer beware.

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds


    There are gentle ways to handle everything without being noisey. I guess being loud and noisey serve something which is beyond our understanding.
    We never received you email. You are probably defined as spam somewhere so Google or another filter is blocking your emails from reaching us.
    You can send this ticket using the support system in here and send it also to

    I will accept that you have not received my email even though I sent it through my personal gmail account as well my normal account

    I have tried your support ticketing process and even received a confirmation email. Don’t believe me, check your outgoing mail from 7/26. There is something not functioning correctly with your system.

    Given that I had tried to contact you through your system and your email addresses, I had chosen to drop this an count my $42 as lost. I tried all the “gentle” ways of handing this.

    I think that if you read back through the thread, you will find the one being noisy and escalated the conversation is you. I wrote a review 3 weeks ago after not getting responses from your support. I have spoken factually about everything I have experienced in trying to get support from your product. You called the review a fake, essentially accused me of lying and now presume to lecture me on being loud and noisy. I think that says everything that anyone needs to know about your customer service attitude. It is too bad because your product is pretty good.

    However, at this point, I am done with your product and your support because of your attitude. I will not even bother trying to recover my money because the time and effort to try to communicate with your company is just not worth it anymore.

    This sounds like more of an email issue, than a support problem.

    I sent over a support request to the developer, and got a response within 24 hours. Not only that, there was a bug with the registration link that I found, and they troubleshot how to fix the issue (back and forth, very fast). It was fixed very fast.

    If you don’t get a response – check and see that your email address, domain name, or ip address isn’t marked as spam (as some blockers will immediately block emails in those cases). Also make sure your email doesn’t contain alot of spam keywords, also a signal that the email isn’t going through.

    tvahlsing says “buyer beware” – but, as a consumer of the pro version, with no affiliate to the developer, I say the buyer is safe.

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