• Like a few other reviewers I also bought the PRO version because when I get value from a plugin I like to reward the developers.

    Unfortunately in this case the developers are greedy and short-sighted.

    Last week we changed the URL of our WP blog. Everything else stayed the same, we just changed the URL. The plugin showed an “Authorization Failed” error. I contacted the developer and he refused to re-activate the license.


    I’m sure the developer will respond immediately to this bad review and say something like “this policy was explained during the purchasing process.” My answer is “SO WHAT?A stupid policy is a stupid policy, regardless of whether you explain it during checkout.

    Developers like this who provide poor support for their PRO versions make it less likely that people will buy PRO versions of other plugins.

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  • I’m sorry but these forums do not support commercial products. Only the free plugins downloaded from http://wordpress.org/plugins/. Please contact the plugin’s vendor directly with any questions about commercial products.

    Plugin Author JS Morisset


    Support is free, no matter if you use the Pro version or not. I do not refuse support, to anyone. Licenses are registered based on the WordPress Site Address. The licensing info is explained up-front:

    “Pro version licenses are registered to the WordPress Site Address value and are nontransferable (licenses cannot be re-sold or re-used on another WordPress Site Address). Licenses do not expire, and there are no recurring / yearly fees for updates and support. View the complete Pro license agreement here.

    If you have an environment with Test, Staging, Production, etc. websites, you will need a license for each WordPress Site Address. Plan ahead, and get a discount when purchasing two or more licenses at the same time. Using a multisite configuration? Please note that the multisite’s default site / blog must be licensed as well to install and update the Pro version.

    Developer special — example.com, http://www.example.com, and dev.example.com are considered equal for licensing purposes. A dev.example.com WordPress Site Address can be renamed to example.com or http://www.example.com on the same license.”




    @jryanjp While I agree tying the license to the URL doesn’t seem like the best way to do this (although, maybe it is) you did agree to the licensing terms when you WILLFULLY purchased the Pro version. As such I do not believe the developers are in any way required to compensate you for your decision to ignore/reneg. those terms. Just my two cents 😉

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