• With such a high rating I figured it was worth a shot, after fixing some issues in the free plugin I purchased the paid plugin only to be bombarded with hundreds of PHP errors. The code is so outdated (apparently updated once a week lol yeah ok), after taking a look at the pro code I have asked for a refund, have since got no response so started a case on PayPal.

    EDIT: After making several requests for a refund, all they had to do was respond to the PayPal case and they have refused. They do not honor their 30-day money back guarantee and try to cause as many issues as they can. This plugin is full of PHP errors and is very badly coded, time wasn’t even taken to properly indent code let alone the use of undefined variables and no defaults. No matter what page I visited I had issues with UsersUltra.

    They say they can’t do support here because it’s for the pro version, yet happily, advertise the pro version with the icon of this free plugin.

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    Thank you for your review. I’m very sorry to learn about the issue you have experienced. It’s true that the plugin might trigger some php warnings with some WP themes, we use to resolve this kind of issue within few hours. You purchased the plugin, then asked for support, left a bad review then you opened a dispute. All this happened in few hours.

    We’re not allowed to offer support for the paid version on this website. We will keep talking about your issue through our support ticketing system.

    Once again, I’m sorry to learn about the issues you have experienced with the Plugin.

    We wish you good luck with your project and I hope you find the right plugin for your website.

    It didn’t happen within a few hours.

    The first support ticket was opened:
    Posted on: 03/27/2019 09:57
    After no response for almost 24 hours, I then posted on
    Posted on: 03/28/2019 03:48

    To let you know that I opened a case on PayPal since you didn’t honor your 30-day money back guarantee.

    Developers don’t time to deal with lengthy support. Once I waited and started looking into the code myself, I was dealing with undefined variables, poorly called functions and a whole bunch of PHP errors that shouldn’t even be there. You can defend yourself all you want but clearly, from the other reviews, this plugin is to be avoided at all costs.

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