• I have had the opportunity to reach out to JS a few times. I am not well versed on the dark side of anything code, schema/structured data, or anything to do with making changes to settings.
    I studied all the different plugins available for Structured Data. I didn’t know what I was studying but I studied the interaction of JS, recent activity on the WPSSO family of plugins along with responses to those who had questions.
    It’s true JS has developed the WPSSO family for those who know a little something about the dark side. I was sold on JS and I’m glad I did.
    If you are going to survive the online game you want quality products and help when needed. I paid for the upgraded Core and JSON, studied and pinged JS if I had a question. JS responds and will do anything to help you.
    Do yourself a favor and go with a developer who offers more than a simple useless plugin. The functionality is phenomenal. The support is amazing. Wait until he does his new Podcast:) I’m reviewing all his plugins I use so check them out or just read this one again and get on board.

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