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  • here’s what i would like to do; maybe someone could tell me if i would do well with wordpress or if a CMS is what i need:
    one installation of wordpress.
    text blog with url:
    photo blog with url:
    can this be done with wordpress? i don’t mind having one or two data bases, i just want to have the separate urls and just one place to go to make posts.
    now, i already have hundreds of entries in a movable type blog, but i want to switch to wordpress for that blog. i also wanted to add a photo blog, and i thought it would be best to set up wordpress first, before i add the second blog. however, if the above idea does not seem feasible, then i will just add the photoblog in movable type and forget about the swtich. (unless a CMS would be a better idea?)
    thanks for any advice!

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  • WordPress doesn’t currently support multiple blogs in one install but it will in later releases. You can import MT entries into WP though, instructions are one the site.

    The simple solution if you dont find a better alternative is:
    1. Install wordpress for the blog in 1 folder.
    2. Install pictorialis for the photoblog in 2nd folder. is a spot to get specific instructions on how to handle the multiple installs. It’s very easy to do, and can be done with all blogs sharing the same database.

    thanks for the tips. regardless of whether or not i can add a photoblog, i’ll still be wanting to move from MT to wordpress. i guess the thing to do is to transfer the blog first, then see how i want to go about the photos (a 2nd blog or pictorialis). i wanted something like ‘daily pictures’ for work site visits that i’ll be making, not really a gallery page. i’ll have to look for more pictorialis examples to see if this will work.
    if I share a same database for multiple blogs (multiple installs), will that enable me to use that one database with future versions of WP that do support multiple blogs on a single install? thanks for your advice.

    thats what matt mentioned on irc. it would be easier for the developers to develop a tool to integrate blogs if they use the same database. thats why a site of mine which has 4 blogs, uses same database. but well technology is weird and wp developers are smart. so they will haev a way no matter what situation you are stuck in.
    damn, these things spoil me 🙁

    hey y’all, i went ahead and installed WP and imported my existing blog from MT. it was much simpler than I thought it would be. tomorrow I will see about adding a 2nd blog for the photos or using pictorialis. Thanks for your advice!

    Glad you had a painless move. Welcome to the community.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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