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    No problem. The main complaint I get is that it’s unclear exactly what you’re supposed to do with the plugin. The problem is there’s no one way to use it correctly.

    I suggest, if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, to choose production mode, yes on compress css, use closure as the minifier, and do not force the scripts into the footer. You’re least likely to break things this way.

    Then, in the javascript and css tabs, select all of the files. The plugin doesn’t actually do anything though until you request a page. So, after saving those settings, you should visit the main page of your site. The first request may take longer than usual to complete. That’s because the plugin is finding the files and compressing what is needed. After that though it should be faster.

    In some cases one or two js files may cause errors when being compressed. That is why I allow you to uncheck certain scripts. Should any script cause an error you can remove it from the list and clear the cache. I hope that helps?

    THanks for the reply, this is much more clear.


    Thanks for this post clearing up how to “setup” your plugin!!

    I’m curious though, when I run the google Speed Insights it shows JS files that don’t show up in your plugin list of files?

    Most are coming from the theme and I am wondering why they don’t show up as they seem to be the ones I need to combine the most – lol


    Plugin Author mneil


    Looking at the url,, I don’t see the plugin combining any files. The plugin searches the current, active theme folder, the plugin folders, and the base WP install for scripts that it could possibly combine. First, can you verify that the plugin is actually running is compressing/combining what you are expecting it to and then can you list out specific JS files that the plugin does not list under the JS tab that do show on the front-end?

    If you have a lot of traffic and are installing the plugin for the first time on a live site you may have to go to the cache tab in the plugin and remove the files from the cache after changing your settings. The plugin may attempt to build an empty cache on high traffic sites since the default behavior is to not combine any files; and it initializes on the first page view.

    Plugin Author mneil


    Thinkmedia. I’m going to mark this thread as resolved since the original poster’s question has been answered and he seems content. If you would still like more help with your specific issue please open a new thread and I will respond to you there.

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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