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  • Boy, here I go again — weighing whether to update this plugin on a critical heavily trafficked site and wondering how many issues I’m going to have and maybe I should go with something else… I used to love this plugin had it installed in half a dozen sites and went Pro on most even though they never seemed to to resolve a huge issue of showing past events without a lot of function.php edits or whack hacks.

    But in the past year and half every update brought new problems, everything from bizarre time and date issues to huge conflicts with critical page building tools like Beaver Builder that would take a site down.

    The problem is once you hack it into a workable solution and now you have a stream of events you’d have to rebuild. And don’t get me started on support — you open a ticket and 5 minutes later they close it or give some excuse as to why what seems like it should be a feature is not.

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  • Hey @lisadeparts,

    I’m a developer at Modern Tribe, I saw your review and I’m genuinely curious to understand a little bit more about the issues you’ve been facing regarding the updates. This seems like a great opportunity to learn something and try to improve our process đŸ™‚

    If you could take a few minutes of your time and explain a little bit more about your issues, such as, which Modern Tribe plugins do you have active, and what kind of problems you’ve got?

    You already mentioned that they started in the past 18 months, is that roughly accurate to you? We can use that information to look back in our processes and try to understand a little bit more of the root causes for this.

    Thank you,

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    Hi, Lucas so here’s today’s issue with your plugin — a site using Elementor Pro, (FYI not using your pro version of events here because it’s been so erratic I don’t want to purchase a plugin that more expensive than elementor itself) I need to show “past events” and created a past events category. The Elementor Pro module which offers the option of showing “Events” and adding a term to filter those dozen or so “past events” nothing shows up. Now I can do a manual post list, but that means it has to be updated constantly. Also I’ve had this same issue with sites that were pro so I gave up on any benefits to pro. You can go back a few years in support request and see me asking a similar question and no great answer to it. I can show one of links to you page of all events but I do not want that solution. It’s cumbersome doesn’t allow it to be embedded in another page with other content

    Now if the solution is to start monkeying with my functions file — I’m not going to be happy because this site is not on a shared hosting environment so I can’t just swap out function files if it goes kuput.

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    Hi @lisadeparts,

    Thank you for sharing more details with us, we really appreciate it.

    Unfortunately at the moment The Events Calendar and Elementor are not 100% compatible. This is something that is on our radar though and hope to get working on this rather sooner than later.
    if you didn’t do so yet, please add your voice to this thread here:

    This is where we can gauge the interest in new features and gives us guidance for our future roadmap. Thanks!

    As for past events, they are accessible on your site via a URL like this:

    Unfortunately at the moment there is no option to embed them into another page with content. I will check with the team how much it would take to enhance our shortcodes – at least the list view – to show past events.

    There might be some 3rd party plugins that tie into our products, which could help you achieve showing past events on a page. I’d recommend you to check out The Events Calendar Shortcode & Block plugin.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback and more details!


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