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    You need a running Piwik 2.0.2 or higher installation and at least view access to your stats.

    Okay thanks, I tried to install the Piwik and I screwed something up and my hosting company had to install a backup of my website.

    I guess I will look for something else. 🙁

    Plugin Author braekling


    To get support on Piwik itself please have a look at – I’m quite sure they can help you.

    I don’t think Piwik itself screwed anything up… maybe you mixed up the directories or databases? Just put Piwik in an own folder and create an own database for Piwik. Then it should not affect any other hosted applications.

    Give it a chance. 😉

    Or check out the Piwik hosting solutions:

    I know I screwed something up. Sadly code and all this stuff confuse me. I know it is wonderful and people like you can probably make it look like rain falling but to me it is Greek and I understand nothing. I have searched and searched for a stats plugin. The one I was using placed ads for visitors to see. So it was removed. I will try and find someone to install the Piwik for me. That would be easier than me playing around and screwing something else up again.

    thanks for your help. If/when I get Piwik installed I will comeback and download this plugin.

    Plugin Author braekling


    Don’t scare yourself of this. You don’t need to understand code or to be a programmer to use Piwik and WP-Piwik.

    Of course the Piwik setup is required… and setting up a web application isn’t as easy as just installing a local software in most cases. But it’s no rocket science, so don’t worry. 😉

    Maybe this can help you:

    Thanks for your help breakling. My hosting company installed Piwik for me. Took a few days but they finally got it. I just installed the plugin. I am sure I will be back with questions 🙂

    Thanks for all the wonderful help you have provided!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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