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  1. neilaham
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi All,

    Please help! As a wordpress virgin, I have started to build a site on wordpress.com. I soon realised that I could save some real heartache by purchasing a Theme (the ones available dont seem fit my req)- so I purchased a theme called Kingsize.. However, it seems ($50 later) you cannot upload these soft files into wordpress.com. Is this true, or can it be done?
    If this is true, what are my options? can I move to .org, but keep my .com address?
    How is this done?
    Will I loose the will to live if I try? :)

    Desperate, and confused,


  2. You cannot upload themes to wordpress.com.


    1) Ask for a theme refund.
    2) Switch to self hosting.
    3) Take the $50 as a loss and hang on to the theme for later.

    If you have a domain name with wordpress.com, you can keep it. You cannot keep sitename.wordpress.com though.

  3. neilaham
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Mike,


    I do have a xxx.com account so thats good..

    Any ideas on where/how to move it? What it costs etc..

    Much appreciated,


  4. Gaurav Raghav
    Posted 3 years ago #

    moving it costs only for your hostig which is cheap . Most themes are free on wordpress.org library

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