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  • I have down(up?)loaded Weaver template and am trying to customize I THINK what is the header, the long rectangular band across the top of the page w/ a photo and text overlaid. I want a more square photo of my own with text adjacent to it. I have figured out a very unsatisfactory way to do this by loading a screen shot of a word.doc with a photo inserted but the resolution is crappy.

    So far as I can tell after quite a bit of searching and reading, it appears that to really do this simple thing I need to be able to read and write code of some sort about which I am less than clueless.

    Do I just need to pay to have someone set up my site for me? Most all of the “help” and forum posts I have read seem like almost a foreign language to me.

    You can call me Luddite

    Thank you for any pointers, suggestion, etc.!

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  • I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but if the only problem you have is about the pic resolution, then try making the pic in Photoshop, or if you don’t have it, then in Gimp, which you can download for free from here:

    I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly

    Yes, that’s my problem as well! Every time I try to figure out how to do something, I can’t even understand the language of the “help”. It seems the tech world left me behind years ago. I can’t tell for sure but it appears as though I need to go to school to learn a whole world of terminology and techniques to be able to do anything more than just post a new page or new post. If that is the case, then hopefully I can find someone who won’t charge an arm and a leg (wife may know someone in Denmark!) who will do the set up and give me basic instructions for carrying on…

    Oh, I am on a MAC w/ much older OS 10.4.11. Getting set to upgrade to snow leopard soon as we can find/choose a new bookkeeping system to replace our Quicken which will not run on the upgraded OS once that is in place.

    If you need Gimp for your Mac, then you can download it from here:
    Just choose the appropriate OS.

    If the problem was another and I couldn’t understand it properly, I apologize.

    Dhikra, thank you. Lack of photo altering software is I’m sure part of the problem. I will get gimp and see about learning to use that.

    The other and bigger part is understanding how to change the formatting of the header so that it will show a close to square photo next to text that is on some sort of pale back ground. The only thing I have figured out is to upload a photo on the themes/header page and then whatever I load shows up as a long skinny rectangle at top of my site. If I load a “normal” photo of me, it will just show the top little bit of my head, stretched wide to fill the space. I have tried inserting a photo in a word.doc on my computer and putting text next to it, then uploading a screen shot of that but the resolution is crappy. I guess screen shots are very low res anyway and in addition, I lose a lot of clarity of the photo by inserting it into a word.doc

    There are a lot of issues going on here and much of it doesn’t have to do with WordPress. Let’s see if we can resolve the issues.

    1. If you are having trouble with the header of the Weaver Theme, contact the Theme author for details on how to resolve that issue. Depending upon how you set up the Theme, if you work within the size specifications they gave you when you uploaded the header image, it should work fine.

    2. If you are having problems with specific software, please contact their customer support as those aren’t WordPress issues and we’re trying to help you with non-WordPress issues as best we can, but it really is beyond our purview.

    3. A word processing program is not WordPress. Ensure the images you upload are EXACTLY the size required by the WordPress Theme. If you upload a different size or type than required, you are going to get odd looking results. Word processors tend to “fix” things for you. 😀

    Thanks and good luck!

    Thank you Lorelle. I think it is a problem of my ignorance vs the workings of the theme as well as the workings of WordPress. I will start w/ Weaver author and see how far that gets me.

    Thanks again!

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