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  • Hey guys,
    I’ve read the “How to customize your theme” a million times. The problem is I’m no code guru(wish I were). I need to set up pages much like this one: (, however I’m not satisfied with the outcome. I’m looking for help to give the images I post on the page the ability to fill the 980px left to right instead of the lousy 900px. Also, the top/bottom padding between images gives me no freedom. I did try changing the style.css under inner: from 900px to 980px and that just jacked up everything (including the homepage). Another thing is the teal themed background image.. I would like to customize that on a single page only. Please help! I’m forever grateful!

    Thanks, sincerely.

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  • Do you have links tot he page(s) you need changed? And to answer your question, no, you don’t need to “hack” your theme. From the sounds of it, you just need some CSS edits and maybe some properly sized images 🙂

    Right! Some 980px images would help :] even then though the CSS edits are what I need help with.

    1. what code changes do I need to make in the .CSS file or .php file to set a custom image background for this page only(overriding the “teal” style image).

    2. Code changes to give me the freedom to have 980px images fill the width yet still have the left and right padding for the text.

    3. Code changes to take away the top and bottom padding between images

    Thank you for replying to my post!!!

    The changes you want are not solved by simply cutting and pasting canned code snippets. Depending on your source code it could take quite a bit of restructuring.

    Do you have the firebug tool bar for FF or some other element inspector? that should at least help you with some padding issues…

    Thank you for your reply. I will get to try the firebug tool bar tomorrow. As far as the other questions – where do I begin? What needs to be done to make those changes happen?

    I really sort of difficult to explain here. It’s not like there is Just one way. You may need to edit you HTML and certainly your CSS to allow your images to span the distance you want.

    In terms of different backgrounds for your different pages, depedning on you php source code, you may be able to just define different backgrounds with css.

    background-image: image one;
    background-image; another image;

    If not, that needs to be edited too…

    SO where to start? Basic HTML/CSS. Or higher a professional who can do it all in an hour.

    Thank You,
    I’ll try that code when I get the chance. I’d like to learn the basic HTML/CSS. I’ll keep asking questions!

    In order for that code to work, your pages are going to need those clases – you need to fin your pages classes. ( if they even have any. )

    How do I know if they have classes and if they don’t, how do I assign them?

    You are a tremendous help. Thank you!

    Also, I’ve downloaded the firebug tool bar. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it :/

    Please bare with me!

    I’m sorry, If you don’t know what classes are, there is just no way we can get through this. It’s like showing up to get your driver license and asking what the steering wheel is.

    There are plenty of free tutorials on the web if you want to learn HTML/CSS if you want to go this route. Otherwise, like I said before, hire a professional.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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