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    Hi imath,

    I’ve been looking forward to sharing images from the source post. Alas, I cannot get this function and I have some theme issues.

    As you can see from my screenshot, I have some template / theme issues with BP Bookmarklet 2.0.1

    I am using a child theme of the old bp_default and the HTML / CSS appears out of order (form first, then my header, finishing with the footer) on the bookmarklet page.

    I tried to associate the WordPress page with a new template in my child theme but it seems to ignore whichever template I choose from the list of templates in the Edit Page meta box.

    Naturally I don’t want to edit bookmarklet-dir.php in the plugin files.

    I also tried sharing a few different web pages but I cannot see the checkbox to attach an image from the source post.

    I watched the Vimeo intro video but cannot find the answer to my questions there.

    Please help.


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  • Hi Vernon,

    The first problem i see is that the activity post form misses the dropdown where you can choose to post in your profile or one of the group. The div is needed so that the checkbox to attach an image from the page linked can show.

    You’re right about the template to target, you can simply copy it into your root’s theme folder or into a subfolder called ‘buddypress’ or ‘community’.

    Home it will help you to solve the issue.

    Hi imath,

    I copyied templates/bookmarklet-dir.php to my theme with the only changes being 1. I added a template name php comment and 2. I added a class to the main div – see my gist. Then I tried to associate the component page via the template meta box dropdown but none of this worked.

    I still have an old version 1 of the plugin and from this screenshot (of localhost) you can see I have the dropdown to choose to post in my profile or groups.

    templates/bookmarklet-dir.php changed quite a lot between version 1 and 2.

    I’m not clear what you mean by putting my_bookmarklet-dir.php into a subfolder called ‘buddypress’ or ‘community’. Other times when I have theme templates over-riding plugin templates I have had to replicate the same folder and file names.

    It’s tempting to do a mashup between these two files. Any suggestions? Do you have this plugin on github?

    I look forward to your support. This is one much liked functionality that your plugin is providing.


    Hi Vernon

    Since 1.7, you can add the template in your theme keeping it names as is :

    Using the wp editor template selectbox will have no effect.

    Something more sinister is at bay with my child theme of bp_default. I’m not convinced the template part stuff is working for me. I’ll revert to 1.1 until I can test and run with a new (non-bp_default) theme. A new theme for our site is due in about 7 weeks time anyway. Looking forward to having this functionality. Alas I’ll have to wait a little while.

    Vernon Fowler


    Hi Mathieu,

    I’ve managed some success.
    Instead of:

    get_header( ‘buddypress’ );

    I tried with just wp_head()

    Then I tried without wp_head() and just a few html tags (doctype, html, head, title, link to stylesheets) and it appears wp_head() is the culprit! Without wp_head() the appearance looks like this screenshot.

    I need to use wp_head and probably via get_header(‘buddypress’) to get the bookmarklet script to work with the URL, highlight, images available in the form. So I probably have a plugin conflict. Any suggestions?


    Vernon Fowler


    My child theme of bp-default is breaking the presentation and the image attachment selection.

    This combined with the news that bp-default is dying prompts me to finally start to build a new child theme based on something other than bp-default.

    Anyone else out there still running bp-default as a parent theme?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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