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    I’m confused about if i activate the plugin i need to then add a new cookie to the cookie list?

    If i just activate the plugin and turn on the cookie bar does that mean it works?

    Is there a default cookie setup when you activate the plugin?

    I’m not familiar with all the various settings within the add cookie section so dont know where to start?

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  • Plugin Author markwt


    Hi @jezthomp,

    If you just activate the plugin, it will only show the cookie bar on the website. You need to add the cookies used on your website.

    You can add all the cookies used from the Add New page in the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Add the details of the plugin like the title, description, type (persistent, session, or third-party), duration, and sensitivity (necessary or non-necessary) on the Add New page. The cookies added this way will be displayed on the Cookie List page.

    Next, you need to add the scripts of the non-necessary cookies in the Non-necessary cookies page. These scripts that will be rendered on the website only when the users give consent.

    From the Cookie Law Settings page of the plugin, you can customize the cookie bar to match with the theme of your website. You can decide what message should be displayed on the cookie bar, where the cookie bar should appear, what color the button should be, what buttons should be used etc. You may refer to the User Guide for more information.

    Thank you Mark.

    How do i know what cookies are used on my site to add to the plugin?

    I’ve looked on the web inspector under Storage > Cookies and have the following names…


    So i would ‘add new’ the above names?

    How do i know if these are persistent, session, or third-party, duration, sensitivity, necessary or non-necessary?

    Plugin Author markwt


    Hi @jezthomp,

    Please refer to this article to identify the cookies installed by the website on the browser.

    You have to add all the cookies used on the website from the Add New page. The cookies added will be displayed in the back-end on the Cookie List page. You can display them on the website to the users using the shortcode [cookie_audit] anywhere on the webpage.

    In the field Cookie Type you need to indicate whether a cookie is persistent, session, or third-party. Session cookies are the types of the cookies that expire when you close the browser. Persistent cookies are the cookies that persist even after the browser is closed. But they still have an expiry date. Third-party cookies are those cookies that are installed by the third-party websites, for example, advertisers.

    The duration of a cookie can be found from the browser’s developer console under storage > cookies.

    The field Cookie Sensitivity you need to indicate whether the cookies are ‘necessary’ or ‘non-necessary’. Necessary cookies are those cookies that are absolutely necessary for the website to function. All other cookies can be considered non-necessary.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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