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  • This may be very dumbs question but I’m honestly a bit confused about video and wordpress.

    Do I need the Video press plugin if I’m with bluehost for hosting? As the offer unlimited storage. So couldn’t I just get a videoblog theme for my website and then use bluehost as my place to host my videos? Or not?

    Is Videopress my only option if I have a videoblog site for hosting?
    I see alot of videoblog themes online but what does that offer? Just the visual layout and nothing more?

    Can someone explain what is the best way to set up a cool looking video heavy site where I can put up as many videos as I want.

    Recommendations or just advise.

    I’m really new at this and need some basic grade 5 explanations about this aspect of wordpress.

    Thanks so much for your patience. 🙂

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