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    I’m currently working on my website. it’s a somewhat large site, with several different pages that need to be updateable and searchable. RIght now, it seems all I can do is create my main blog page, but when I make attempts to create a secondary page (that I can edit and post to) I get nothing but errors.

    Now, I’ve used Moveable Type, pMachine, Expression Engine, Pivot and a few other CMS/blogging systems, and when I need to create a new “page” that has updatebale content, I need to create a new “blog”. Is that what I need to do here? There won’t be a need for multiple posters – but I *do* need several pages to be updateable and lined from the main blog page, as well as being searchable as part of the main site.

    I hope this makes sense.

    If I don’t need to create multiple blogs, then how would I accomplish this in WordPress 2?

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  • You can NOT create multiple blogs with WP. It does not have that feature.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    So you need WP to manage several pages?

    One front page that people might land on:
    then other pages such as
    each page to be editable from inside WP.

    Each page to be listed automatically from the front page.

    WP can certainly do that with ease, so your ‘errors’ are … odd. What are they exactly?

    >>You can NOT create multiple blogs with WP. It does not have that feature.<<

    Actually, I found information that says you can – with hacks. It’s not supported, but it is possible. There’s even a section in the Documentation here that says it’s possible through WPMU (multi-users) – but I don’t need multiple users. However, if that’s the route I need to go, then I shall – but I’d like to prevent it 🙂 (And I know that the WPMU isn’t supported by these forums, either. I was just hoping that someone could give me an alternate suggestion.)

    However the fact that “you can’t” seems rather odd – in most other systems, it’s quite easy to do so – I’m wondering why that feature wasn’t implemented in WP?

    Podz – that’s exactly what I need. I’ve found how to “add a page” but I can’t figure out how to edit/post to the pages in the same way as I would the main index (blog) page.

    For example, (using pMachine as my example for this) I would create a template for my site for the index page, then I would also create a template (based off of the index template) for the “cats”, “dogs” and “horses” pages. Then, when I went to create a post, all I have to do is select “which section to post in?” – my choices would be “index”, “cats”, “dogs” and “horses”. (It’s somewhat similar in Pivot and MT) So I was wondering if WP had the same feature.

    Bascially, what I attempted to do was place the editable pages (the ones I wanted to “blog” on aside from the index page) in the same folder as the index.php page. They show up on the sidebar in my administration area – just like the stylesheet, header, footer, sidebar – all of that. However, when I try to *link* to those pages, I get a “400 Bad Request” error. It says exactly this:

    “Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

    Invalid URI in request GET /wordpress2.02/downloads.php HTTP/1.1″

    I know the page is there, but I can’t even access it separately from the link on the site – I get the same error. (BTW – it’s currently on my localhost – trying to get everything to jive before I move it to an actual server.)

    So I’m wondering if I’ve just used too many other systems, and are used to how they work – this is new and different to me, so I’m trying to understand how I can do what I need to do 🙂

    Ahhh…I see. I can use “categories” and list them….that’s cool. Works pretty much the same. However, it’d be nice if each post just went directly to the categorized page, and not the main index page, as well…

    But I can live with this 🙂

    Thanks anyway!

    Each post DOES go directly to the categorized page.

    Do you want any posts to be on your main index page? If not, you could remove “The Loop” from your template’s index.php. Or, if you only want some or certain categories, you could modify The Loop a bit (search around here – tons of examples).

    Handy –

    Yes, I wanted some posts on my main template page. But those posts – normally – would be few and far between. I do know each post goes directly to the categorized page, as well as on the main index page (until it eventually falls off and gets relegated to the categorized page only) – I think this is something I can live with. It’s close enough to what I want it to do 🙂 (But – for purposes of knowing, originally I wanted the post to *only* go to the categorized page in question, and not the index page unless I specified it to do so.)

    originally I wanted the post to *only* go to the categorized page in question, and not the index page

    You can set that based on categories. I mean you can set (with plugins) to show only posts from certain category/categories on the main page.

    Cool – thanks Moshu.

    The more I play with this, the better I like it!

    Glad to hear that 🙂
    And re: your thought about being used to other systems… Yes, definitely it makes difficult to discover the features if one keeps to think in the “framework” of another system and/or looking for the ways “it should be” based on earlier experience. I’ve witnessed many times this difficulty here in the forum – sometimes I have the impression the previous experience is “blinding” the new user 🙂
    WP is a very versatile little tool, you just have to discover the different ways it works.

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