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  • Hello out there! I recently had Godaddy host my domain name and signed up with their WordPress version. It cost $48. Do I need them? Can I just have them host my domain name and email and download the free version of WordPress from this site and build my blogsite that way?


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    GoDaddy does not, to the best of my knowledge, have a WordPress ‘version.’ They do have an install script, but it’s free last I heard.

    Are you sure the $48 wasn’t just for your hosting?

    Please do not let GoDaddy confuse you. They are a great place to get a low price domain, but there is no need for special hosting. [advertisement redacted]



    true, and also their prices for domain name not that great also. i’m using a host company with better deal for hosting and cheaper prices for domain.
    do some search.

    I work for a small web development company, we build custom solutions in ColdFusion as well as do standard html, and also develop in WordPress.

    Our hosting, which is $150 yearly, is more expensive than GoDaddy. I recently did a website for a friend, and I set him up on GoDaddy because the yearly hosting was waaaaaaay cheaper than charging him for hosting through my work place.

    Now… I’m not about to give him tech support *wink* which is why I set him up on GoDaddy. But GoDaddy didn’t charge any special ‘hosting’ fee for the WordPress set up. The hosting for ‘WordPress’ was the same as any standard hosting account – it just so happened to have the files for install ‘right there’.

    Now, if you can find cheaper hosting and cheaper domain names else where? Have at it. I just set my friend up at GoDaddy because we buy all our domains from them at our office and I’ve never once had a bad customer support experience with them (and we purchase some 150+ domain names per year).


    NOBODY needs Godaddy. Their site led me to a place where it looked as thought I had to pay $2.99 to upgrade the server for WordPress and it turned out to be something else entirely.

    I highly recommend Hostgator.

    I have hosting through GoDaddy and installed Word Press for free through their apps link (they also have Joomla among other CMS apps). My initial install was not successful and I could not figure out why but I sent their support a mail and they quickly reinstalled it and got it up and running. I think their service is excellent, but you pay a premium for it. As a newbie to web publishing, I appreciate having the support, but more advanced players can probably save a bundle on hosting somewhere else.

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    Okay, since we don’t permit hosting rec. threads, I’m closing this.

    You need A webhost to run self-hosted WordPress.

    Find one you like 🙂

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