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  • I am a Dane (to excuse my lacking ability to express myself in English) who is starting an online business.

    I have chosen WordPress as a platform for my E-boutique. Primarily because of the blogging engine and the many interactive entrances.

    I would very much like to hear from you, since I am very new in this, what backend system if any I should would choose to work with WordPress.

    At this point I am adding all product details into the shopping card, but I have a hard time deciding whether I should choose an ERP system to hold the Master data and then integrating with the shopping card in wordPress (I have about 2000 product number to start out with and more are added every day).

    If the best solution is to add a backend system which one would then be the best? It has to be a system that are common in the states since my company is American and accounts has to be able to access it online I think? The system should be medium sized companies.

    I am so glad to be part of the wordPress universe and I can’t wait to get some good advice.

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  • Hi frusvin,

    Not sure whether or not you’ve gotten an answer elsewhere (no one has responded to you here). I am a master data consultant and have been tinkering with the idea of pushing WordPress to be able to handle some master data capabilities. I am also new to WordPress, but have dabbled a bit here and there.

    What I am wondering is: what shopping cart are you currently using? What database does it utilize? How much growth do you expect with regard to the number of products in your E-boutique? Are there other processes besides the e-Commerce that need to be integrated to your business?

    The reason I ask those questions is because the answer you are looking for would depend on those factors (plus probably a host of others). My thinking is that WordPress by itself wouldn’t be able to sufficient as an ERP system replacement, and/or as an MDM solution. If all you need is MDM, you can certainly purchase a master data management solution and syndicate/export the product data for consumption of your e-Commerce backend (whether or not you go with a WordPress ready shopping cart).

    I’d be curious to find out what solution you decide to go with.

    Good luck and have a great New Year!


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