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  • Can you please suggest a site or multi-site or multi-network setup for the following scenario …

    I am starting a company that will eventually have sites for different cities, for example …

    -Savannah site
    – Charleston site
    – Atlanta site
    – Jacksonville site
    – Orlando site

    And each city site will have a separate sub-domain (or so i assume I should set it up as) for the retail side of the site.

    So the main city site will be the main page where visitors can interact with the site, but when they want to buy merchandise from the site, they actually buy it from the retail page for the site (which will be very big and have more pages than the main site) which will be on the sub-domain of the city site such as

    Does this sound like a good way to setup my network?

    I should also mention that for now, since I am just starting out, I will only be building one city site (savannah) and its shop page ( And the other city sites will come later, or once I perfect the savannahsite I would want the other city sites to be identical to the savannahsite but obviously with content and merchandise tailored specifically to each city. Would I be able to just clone the first savannahsite and then just change the site name and content, etc.

    Thanks so much.

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  • A multisite self-hosted WordPress ( is recommended for your case.

    This guide should help you through setting one up.

    Thanks, Arun! Just out of curiosity, if I just setup a regular instal now for one site, could I add the multisite/network later, or would I have to do it all to begin with?

    @scottsiegel78, Sorry I’m late to the discussion. I would suggest setting up a Multisite when you need it then importing the single site into that new network.


    Adding multisite to an existing single WordPress site could get tricky if that site been around for awhile. (I just don’t recall where I read this)

    Further Reading:

    Multisite can be a beast if you’re new to it. It was for me. Try it out on a testing server before running it in production.

    Thanks for your responses .. I have a new design now … is it possible to do this ….

    This is how I want my network to be designed …

    Now basically I will use my theme for all city subdomains, but the only problem is that my theme does not support woocommerce … please don’t explain how i can manually add support for it, I have tried this and it just doesn’t work well and displays weird …

    So i would like to install woocommerce on a subdirectory of the city subdomain so that I would be able to use the woocommerce theme in the subdirectory as such …

    Is this possible and how would i set it up?


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