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    Hello, trying to determine if I need to be logged on to my WordPress account for the backup to work. I have the plug-in set to daily backup and there is a history log being recorded on the plug-in page. Then when I go into Dropbox, the dates of the backup do not match the dates on the history log and it seems to only be backing up when I’m logged on. Hoping this isn’t the case and if so, is there anything I can do for a fix?

    Thank you!

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  • do you mean that you have to log-in and manually do the back up or that the automatic backup only works if you are logged in at the time it was set to?

    Hello David,

    The backup only works automatically when logged into WordPress. For instance, I have it set to backup daily at 1am.

    So this morning, I logged into Dropbox and it’s showed my backup files last being modified yesterday.

    Then when I log into WordPress to check the backup log, it automatically starts backing up immediately.

    It won’t do it when I’m logged out of WordPress.

    The very strange thing though is that if I go for days without checking this, the WPB2D log will SHOW that it’s backing up daily but it’s not. The files in Dropbox will be days, sometimes weeks old.

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    You do not have to be logged into WordPress in order for wp-cron to kick off the backup.

    However if yo use a cache plugin please make sure that it is not caching wp-cron.php. If it is external site hits will not be able to start cron tasks.



    It is exactly the same thing happens to me. Even configured to backup daily, when I check the log I see that the backup began the moment I connected to wordpress and not on time in the setup.

    I’m not using any caching plugin. Now … I would like to understand what the “external site” means. Sorry my English. I’m using Google Translator.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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