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    Hey WordPress experts,

    I’ve inherited the responsibility of managing a WordPress site at my job. I think it’s a Network/Multi-site install. The purpose of which is to have both a US and EU domain. However, I can’t really confirm that it’s a true Network setup. I thought Network setups were supposed to keep the sites separate? But it looks like all the posts are the same for both domains. Ultimately, I’m trying to figure this out because I want to make a post for the EU site, but not the US. I don’t know if it’s possible with the current setup.

    Any ideas?

    Tech Info:
    WP 3.0.5
    Sites listed as “/” and “/uk”
    Plugins; Akismet 2.2.7, Brightcove Video Player 1.0, Exec-PHP 4.9, FeedBurner Widget 1.2, Hello Dolly 1.5.1, Microkid’s Related Posts 2.5, ShareThis 3.2, SlidePress 1.3.8, WordPress Importer 0.3 and Xspf_player 3.4a

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  • Upgrade your install first to the latest version 3.3.1, then continue reading…

    If you’re logged in to the super admin account and are viewing the Dashboard of the main site, you should be able to tell if it’s a Network Install by the top menu bar. There should be a link that says, “My Sites”. If not, and you want to verify, open the wp-config.php file. There should be added code to enable Network. There’s a variety of ways to come about this.

    Hope this helps.

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    You don’t need to upgrade to see if there’s a ‘My Sites’, but yes, you should upgrade 🙂

    Unfortunately, upgrading is not an option at the moment. Though I will push to get it done soon. However, I do see “My Sites”, it’s definitely a Network site.

    Thanks for the help!

    Weird thing is though, Network sites are supposed to be separate, right? But it seems like posts are being shared, I think that’s what threw me off. For example, there is a site “/uk/” mapped to a domain. When I go to the UK dashboard > Click posts > and edit a post … the permilink is for the US/parent site “/”. I would expect it to be “domain/uk” or … confused

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    Check what plugins are installed. There may be one to duplicate posts (like Sitewide tags or a broadcast plugin)

    Ah, that must be what’s going on. It looks like there is a UK category, along with 4 categories. If a post is categorized as UK, it’s only avail on the UK site. Otherwise it’s shared on both sites. The other 4 categories are mapped to sub pages. And if it’s uncategoriezed, it’s removed from the blog completely. I don’t think it’s a plug-in though, I think it may be a custom PHP script.

    Either way, this makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for the help!!

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