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  • I heard somewhere that in new WP version child theme is not needed.
    Is it true? I am very new to WP and just start working on my personal website.

    Will be highly apperciate if someone will clear this to me. I did read child theme codex forum here on WP, honestly speaking it was just overflow from my head. Is there any easy way to make child theme.


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  • Nothing has changed in WP in regards to child themes.

    You can try using a plugin to make a child theme –

    (not tested by me)

    Yes i heard plugin for child theme, wanted to ask same question. Since you brought up that you never tested yet. I hope some freind will share his/her expereince.

    Thanks for the reply WPyogi.

    You need to use child themes so your theme customizations are preserved.

    I did test orbisius child theme creator because I wrote it 🙂
    Thanks WPyogi for mentioning it.

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    In some themes you have a Child Theme already built for you, so in that situation you wouldn’t need to build your own – however you’d still need to work in a Child Theme for modifications.

    orbisius…thanks for creating plugin…will going to use…does the programe automatic safe folder after making child theme or i have to do it?

    Ander do i know which theme already have child theme built in?

    You’d need to look at the theme’s documentation and/or in the theme’s folder.

    What theme are you using, BTW?

    Hi Bobbybell,

    You’re welcome.

    The child theme creator creates the child theme in its own folder.
    The recent version allows you to update some of the details of the child theme.

    The steps should be:
    1) Pick a theme
    2) Create a child theme
    3) Customize the child theme

    Note: if the theme doesn’t support child themes, your site may crash (
    e.g. child theme trying to use functions from the parent theme).
    Check with the developer first OR try it out on qSandbox.

    WPyogi – i am confuess this moments, installing and checking what theme is best looks. I like Expound, Magazine Basic and Coller, i have to select from either one. I will be apperciate if you suggest me.

    Hi orbisius…i have activated your plugin, but as soon i know what theme i will work, i will make child theme from it.

    Do i have to make child theme before all customize or after customize?
    If i understand well, i have to make child theme first and than start customizing the child theme, right?

    I am totally confuess…………..

    Themes are quite a personal preference, but I like Expound a lot – about to use it on a site myself. But I’m sure the others would be good too. The great thing about WP is that you can switch themes pretty easily, so really, just pick one and start in – see how it goes.

    And for starters you can likely just use a custom CSS plugin to make styling changes. You’d only need a child theme if you are going to do more significant modifications.

    WPyogi,,thanks for the encouramgent bro…but do you have any other site in your mind so i can have a look?
    So this mean if i am not doing any signficant changes i do not need child theme, right? Than i will perfer not to do significant changes, just minor like font/color etc.

    when you say custom CSS plugin what do you mean, can you give me some example…for instance if in need plugin for fonts, does wp google fonts have custom CSS plugin..

    Bobbybell read my previous reply again 😉 especially the steps.

    It doesn’t matter if your changes are small or big.
    You will LOOSE them if you don’t use a child theme when the main theme is updated.

    Just to be clear on that, a custom CSS plugin works fine if CSS changes are the only changes made.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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