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  • I am being told that the mapping plugin will not work — unless all the domains are in one cpanel account. That makes no sense to me —

    Because if that was the case — I could just do a redirect of the domain from my cpanel and would have no need for the plugin —

    So if I have someone who is a member of my network and they want to use their own domain to point to their blog on my site — I am being told that I have to move that domain to my cpanel before the mapping would work — which makes no sense to me —

    Why do you have to enter the IP address of the multisite then??

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


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    If you are able to edit the document root for the vhost then you can use more than one cPanel account.



    I am not familiar with your terminology!! document root of the vhost —

    I am running a reseller account on hostgator.

    document root of vhost — are you talking about /public_html
    or are you talking sh access to the unix box

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    @mindset – I used those terms to describe what you needed because your host support will recognize them.

    I’ve been using dedicated servers without control panels for almost 5 years so I do not know what features any of the cPanel (or Plesk) hosts offer/support.



    The domains do not need to be in the same cpanel. If your server is configured correctly then just point the domains DNS settings (a record) to your server IP address and your config will take over and point the domain to your sub blogs.

    I have domains from all over the place pointing to my multisite.

    You can test this with a free domain name. You can get a free name from

    Do not use for a main website, they have been known to take back their domains and park them when they get popular. But, it’s a good tool for testing multiple domains. Register for one for free and point the A record to your static IP address. You can register as many as you want.



    Thanks SysFailure for the free domain tip, I was literally just about to buy one to test the plugin.

    Quick question, do you know where the latest and best guide to setting all this up is? The newest I could find is from a few months ago, but seems to conflict with the guide on the actual plugin page.

    The Ultimate WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping Tutorial

    I am using subfolder method instead of subdomain


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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