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    Hello, I just installed this and created the TXT record but when I click “Verify DNS Challenges” I get

    Could not verify DNS records. Please check whether you have added above DNS records perfectly or try again after 5 minutes if you added DNS records just now.

    When I check the debug logs I see

    https://dns.google.com/resolve?name=_acme-challenge.juanlaporte.com&type=TXT should return w5ltpP-6sTmTGofWzHDD5BByDKznbFHw2sO4eH4NcOA

    Which is incorrect becuase when I check https://dns.google.com/resolve?name=_acme-challenge.juanlaporte.com&type=TXT I get the correct value, although there is an excaped qoute

    {"Status": 0,"TC": false,"RD": true,"RA": true,"AD": false,"CD": false,"Question":[ {"name": "_acme-challenge.juanlaporte.com.","type": 16}],"Answer":[ {"name": "_acme-challenge.juanlaporte.com.","type": 16,"TTL": 599,"data": "\"w5ltpP-6sTmTGofWzHDD5BByDKznbFHw2sO4eH4NcOA\""}],"Comment": "Response from"}

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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