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    hi i have my domain name with Net Registry and they have asked me to get my DNS settings but i have no idea where to get that from.

    Thank you

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  • You’ll get your DNS settings from your hosting provider.

    You set the DNS Nameservers at the Domain Registrar, which may or not be the hosting provider.

    yea I still don’t know what that means.

    I am using net registry to hold my website name. I have contacted them and they said I need to contact wordpress.

    Explaining DNS will most likely only confuse you.

    Since the company you registered your name with is asking for DNS settings, they must be referring to the IP address of your web host’s server that your site resides on. You not only need to register a name but you also need a web hosting provider (GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.) to run WordPress (or any website) UNLESS you are using (already hosted).

    So, contact your web host and ask them what IP addresses to give to your domain registrar and you will be all set.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    thank you keith. I am using so I am assuming they are like go daddy.

    I have called them twice already and 2 different people have said I need to contact wordpress to get my IP and DNS settings and yet everyone is telling me to ring them back ahh
    blooming websites

    No they have nothing to do with GoDaddy…

    They are your “registrar” (the people who sell you a name). Do you ALSO have a host? If you do just tell me who the host is and I might be able to help. Also, if possible please provide the name you registered.

    no that’s all I have. Last week I connected my name to square space but they don’t do afterpay so I now have to go to wordpress

    my website is

    and thank you for your help

    Just to clarify…

    To start a website you need to register a name (which you already have done) and you ALSO need a web host. These are the people who will provide the server to store your website on. I would recommended Bluehost in your situation or you can check out any of the other companies on the recommended web hosts list here:

    Just saw your latest comment…

    You need a web host.

    ohh ok square space never said anything about that.

    No worries I will look into those ones you suggested. so once I have connected with one of them is that where I get my dns settings from

    Squarespace has their own website builder. If you want to run WordPress you need a different host.

    ok great thank you so much for your help

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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