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  • Hello,

    I recently set up a multisite WordPress installation at, with a subdomain site at

    This server already had wordpress sites on it, such as and others.

    I have had two users complain that they can’t get to the root site, or to the kona subdomain. One user works at DuPont, on a tightly secured network. The other works for AT&T and uses a tightly secured VPN to get online.

    The AT&T user says when he goes to the kona subdomain, he gets a message from AT&T Enterprise Network Security Operations that says ‘Access Denied’ and that the site was identified as not business related, restricted, or otherwise inappropriate as they directly or indirectly threaten the integrity of AT&T’s INnformation Security controls. When this user tries to go to the root domain, it just stalls forever and never leads.

    The DuPont user says that going to kona returns a totally blank page, and going to the root domain returns this error: “Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)”.

    So, two users on restrictive networks, both unable to view the sites. But here’s the weird thing: Those other sites on the server I mentioned, like, the can get to these just fine. So I would think, if it was truly a DNS issue, or an issue with a blacklisted domain, they wouldn’t be able to get to these other sites.

    If it was just the subdomain that didn’t work, I would think maybe I didn’t set it up properly. But since the problem is with both URLS that point to this new WordPress multisite installation, this makes me suspect the installation is at fault.

    I would be happy to post any logs, files or anything else that would be of use, just let me know. Thanks so much, in advance, for any help you could offer.

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  • Sorry this is not related to WordPress at all. Every corporate network has different security rules in place. You could ask them what you can do to get by the security checkpoints…

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