dns multisite subdomain redirection to an older, seperate wp blog (1 post)

  1. werseburg
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am currently using the newest freebsd 64 bit system.
    I set up the multisite for my website - "digsite.cat" and I decided to make subsites that would be music.digsite.cat etc~
    so I did vi digsite.cat.db and added the following stuff
    www A
    scary A
    music A
    technically everything would be ok, but on the same server I also have a wordpress blog "donosiciele.pl" and it was the first blog installed on my server. After the VI changes went into the internet I checked http://www.music.digsite.cat and I got redirected to donosiciele.pl even though I have a multisite running; I have a correct entry in dns, and I added a subdomain via wordpress "MUSIC.digsite.cat"

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