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    Okay, I referenced this briefly here: when I started this project, however I’m seeking ultimate clarification here now I think.

    I installed WP on a Linux server, using the IP address. The reason being that the domain name was pointing to an old site on a Windows server, while building the new site on the Linux one.

    After 2 months, 80+ posts, and a dozen pages – the DNS switch has occured, and going to the domain name in your web browser shows the new WP site.

    However everything remains the same with the install, in terms of using the IP address and not the domain name. (As it should, since I have been too afraid to change anything!)

    My question is this:

    I’m not changing servers, or hosting companies here. I just need to know exactly what to do TO the install itself (or wherever) so that everything points to the domain name, instead of the IP address.

    In the old thread, it was briefly mentioned that all I should need to do at this point is go into the Options tab, and change the two URI values to the domain name.

    Is this 100% correct in terms of being ALL I have to do?

    I’m sorry if I sound paranoid, but I am. LOL This is a huge client for me, and they cannot afford to have ANY downtime whatsoever, especially not due to a flub up on my part!

    Thanks in advance…

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  • Is this 100% correct in terms of being ALL I have to do?

    Depends on your goals.

    As far as WordPress’ internals go, yes, that’s all you have to do. The only trick here is that you must get these correct first try. Get the wrong, and you break the blog. Not unfixable, of course, you can go into the database and edit them to be correct via phpmyadmin or whatever database tool you prefer.

    This will change everywhere that WordPress or plugins need the actual blog’s address. What it won’t change is hardcoded links in posts/pages. Those you’ll have to deal with one at a time.

    Thanks very much, Otto. 🙂
    I’m thinking there’s not many hardcoded links in there – but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them.

    I’ll go into the options tab and set it up and pray that nothing goes wrong! 🙂

    Worked beautifully – Sent me to the login page once I saved the options, but logged me right in perfectly and all is wonderful.

    Thanks again, Otto (and HS for his post on the other thread!) – Sorry about being so paranoid!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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