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  • I am not a wordpress user but a content provider who’s work is being used without paid license or permission by two of your users. Kindly give me the contact details to your legal dept. so I can file the relevant documents and/or dmca notices against you.

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    WordPress is developed by its community, there is no organisational infrastructure.



    Forum Moderator distributes and documents the WordPress application but has no connection with any site running that software. You need to contact the site owners in each case and that’s not something we can help you with.

    Yet hosts the websites in particular, and as publishers are responsible for tracking the content thereof. If I could file the DMCA in person, I would, WordPress has as much a duty to the content it hosts as YouTube and Deviant art. As WordPress rquires only an e-mail registration, and nothing further the buck therefore stops at them as publishers of said content.

    None of what you said overrides the law. WP is a wonderful service that should not be abused.

    As I have started are the hosters of this site and therefore responsible for the content therein. I am prepared to discuss this matter as I would hate for it to become a legal matter. I have a business to maintain, and my images are licensed for a reason. does not host any sites other than Perhaps you’re thinking of sites hosted on (which is a completely separate entity)?

    Never mind I have found the terms of service, which these blogs are in clear breach off

    I have also found the DMCA form. Thank you for your assistance on this matter, though I think you need to understand copyright law a little better as a community. I wish WP luck in all it’s endeavors and will continue to support it as a wonderful tool for which to communicate and blog through

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice

    Amy I was indeed. Thank you for your assistance. Sorry for any misunderstanding 🙂

    No worries – you’re not the first, believe me! Good luck getting your issues resolved.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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