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  • Thanks for a good run! I had chosen DM albums last year because every other photo gallery plugin I tried was needlessly complex and buggy. DM Albums was a “breath of fresh air”. However, the new version, with today’s incremental update, seems to be broken. I deleted and uninstalled this plugin after struggling with it for over an hour, but I will note what happened in case other folks had the same issues.

    When I would click on images from the slideshow, I kept getting “Image File Not Found”. The configuration and advanced configuration options were confusing. I suspected that something was amiss with the file paths to the gallery images, but I could not make sense of what I was supposed to change or enter. Entering the actual file path to the image folder, the most intuitive option, did not work. Nor did anything else I tried.

    I even deleted all existing DM albums, created a completely new one with freshly-uploaded images, inserted it into a page, and that didn’t work either. I have no idea why this plugin didn’t know where the files were that it just uploaded. This wasn’t a shortcode issue, either. I made sure to use the new shortcodes, applying the “insert” feature to make sure the shortcode was entered correctly.

    Anyway, I deleted this plugin and went back to using WordPress’ native photo gallery shortcodes and options. Now my photo galleries are working just fine. Perhaps I will look into DM Albums some other time, when the issues have been resolved.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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