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    Hi, I’d like to be able to make a post based on an existing post, but with say a word changed in the title, and a word or two in the body changed, but otherwise identical including categories, links etc. To put it another way I just want to create an exact copy of a post and then edit a few small changes to the copy then save it as a completely new post – leaving the original post intact. I want to do this a lot, in fact if possible I’d like to create the majority of my posts this way, but with subtle differences each time hence the need to manually edit something already existing.

    I thought this would be easy but I can’t spot it.

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  • just stopping by and was wondering what your reasoning for this was?
    If it’s for SEO, spiders are smart enough to notice duplicate content. You’re probably on the express train to getting banned by Google.

    No, I’m a schoolteacher and I use my journal for lesson planning, one post per lesson, 5 posts per day. Since I teach the same lessons over and over to different teaching groups it would save me a lot of time if I could just use the same plans over but re-assign them to different classes.
    Imagine yesterday (last year / whatever) I taught an algebra lesson and now I want to teach it again to a different group. I want to take the existing lesson plan and add it to today’s diary with the new teaching group’s name at the top plus whatever minor changes I might want to make to the lesson plan. Since these go round and round if I could do this it would save me a massive amount of work.

    I’ve made this plugin, I hope it could be useful for your needs.

    Many thanks lopo. Happily I’d already found your plugin and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. Have to say it seems pretty near perfect – and it is saving me as much work as I’d hoped!

    And now it’s the holidays. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand…relax.

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