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  • This relates to a question asked here

    At first we thought it was a issue with a slideshow plugin we added.
    I am starting here this since it is related to the theme rather than the plugin.

    A member provided the following analysis. Since we did not have the skill to find the problem. (see link above)

    The problem is related to the z-index order. The part of the slideshow box that overlaps the dropdown menu is displaying with a higher z-index order than the dropdown menu, thus it gets priority and displays as the top layer where they overlap.

    I have found a z-index hack for Safari in the .css sheet, it is set at “1” (thanks Jorn for the good commenting of the style sheet) when I change it to a higher number, the menu still does not come to the top and go over items added to the header or items in the sidebar.

    I think this occurred on the 2.7 update. Running Dkret3 2.3 through 2.5.2 with 2.71 we have the problem.

    Any ideas for a fix?

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  • In dkret3 3.0 – which is nearly finished – a new drop down navigation is used (superfish jQuery). It looks a lot better now and I hope the reported bug is also fixed.

    Would be nice if someone would test, if the error still exists in dkret3 3.0.

    I just saw your request, looking for something else. I will be happy to test this, I need to upgrade to 2.8 on one of our test sites then your 3.0 I will try to get back to you in 48 hours.

    We turned it off on our production site, if it works on the test site we will try this there too.

    The problem is solved in WP 2.8 with Dkret3 3.0.2

    Thank you very much, not much time to look around but noticed the adsense addition to your theme, good idea. We use that extensively on our news site.

    We are holding on upgrading our production sites till 2.8.1 is out. We were surprised when the upgrade pulled out all the widgets from the sidebar on the test site. We must use 40 of them on our production site. That is going to be a late night upgrade!

    I actually selected the theme by seeing the bottom part. that 3 columns I wanted to include in my site – But which part i have to use for that? not footer?

    No not the footer. I did use those on our news site but turned them off a few months ago.

    To use them go to Appearance, Widgets, on the right side, select bottom bar column 1 and then add a widget, same for 2 and 3. Then they will be across the bottom.

    Hope it helps, but not related to the menu issue that is now resolved.
    The problem is solved in WP 2.8 with Dkret3 3.0.2 thread marked resolved.

    It is nice to see that this ugly bastard is fixed. And please everybody looking for help please use the dkret3 forum.

    And please, everybody using dkret3 consider donating.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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