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  • Dear fellow WP designers,

    Have you tried Divine yet ? If so; is it just me or does Divine does NOT work at all ? Very weird.. It’s almost like i’m missing something huge. I start the plugin in Photoshop and there is absolutely no way to change the grid/layout settings etc. Like, how should i tell Divine which textlayer my blogtitle is and which textlayer my post-title is ?

    For the record: Divine is a Photoshop plugin which allows you to convert a PSD to a functioning WordPress theme, after assigning some simple things to your layers/text (blogtitle, post, etc), and Divine should do the rest..

    So.. is Divine evil or is it just me ? All your experiences are welcome.

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  • Somebody ? Anybody ? Any thought is welcome



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    You should be able to contact the developer/s through comments on their blog or their feedback section.

    Hello Aminozuur,

    Divine is a Photoshop plugin which allows you to convert any Photoshop design to a functioning WordPress theme. It really works and saves hours of trying to figure out the code and seeing the visual elements before uploading.
    But let me clarify some things to you. For now you can only use Divine Free Edition. Until the official release we decided to make a tech demo and a free version with the limited number of functions such as resizing the header area etc, but with their full execution. So, you can find all limitations here:
    I’d also advise you to read manuals and watch renewed video tutorials at our official site. They are short and understandable indeed. And you can find many interesting and useful things there.
    In case you have any question about our project, please, visit It is a service for linking users and developers together in solving any problem regarding existing web-projects, and Divine project is an individual section at this site.
    So, the first Divine Personal Edition will be ready in January, 2010 – the whole functionality will be available.

    Best regards,
    Nina, Divine team

    Hi Nina,

    Thank you for your reply.
    Before I posted this question, I’d already spend over an hour reading the documentation on the site, and watching all your videos. But still i couldn’t find out how to, let’s say, give one of my text-layers the ‘post title’ or ‘post author’ property (like it shows in the video). When I do a right click on a text-layer in Divine, i would only see User Item 1, User Item 2, etc.

    I’m pretty good with CSS, HTML and Photoshop but I just couldn’t figure out how to work with Divine..

    Again, thanks for your answer, but now I’ve already handwritten my whole WP theme from scratch. I hope you can still answer how do it in Divine so that others can learn. If it’s done right, Divine could be a huge timesaver for any WP theme designer, and I hope you guys could get it to work.

    Oh one other question. What’s the pricetag going to be on the premium Divine ?

    Hello Aminozuur,

    Thank you again for your interest in Divine project.
    Let’s clear the situation. “Post title” and “Post author” elements, you have mentioned, are to be in the “Post” block. But User Item 1, User Item 2, etc. are in the “Header” block or “Footer” block in this version. And to desplay a page layout, please select “Setting->Show grid”.

    I hope, this will help.

    Besides, I’d like to invite you to become our beta tester. Please visit the Divine official site:

    Best Regards,
    Nina, Divine team

    Can I still modify my themes to use widgets etc… after I have “exported” my new PSD to WP theme from Divine. Thus there really are NO limitations in the end? Correct? Stupid question huh?

    Thank you.

    I “exported” the sample Swimsuit 09 theme from Divine.

    It did not work in WordPress. My title was gone and Swimsuit 09 still there. What’s up with that?

    OK. I get the picture…duh…My OWN design in Photoshop would have MY Title logo etc… So that makes this NOT a TRUE WP template creator.

    Handy nonetheless.

    Please help and advise.
    Thank you.

    Hello Raginwolf,

    Sorry for delay.
    So, you can not modify your Title using the current Divine Free Edition. This function will be available in the nearest future in further Divine builds.
    We’ll inform soon.

    Best Regards,
    Nina, Divine team

    Hello Chieuhado,
    For now you can only use Divine Free Edition. It’s a free version with the limited number of functions. You can find all limitations here:

    Good news! Now you have a chance to try yourself in Divine Elemente Edition (formerly Divine Personal one). You’ll find new functionality of this edition testing all interesting features of Divine plugin.

    So, beta testing has already started. Want to join? More details at:

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