Divide long Post (2 posts)

  1. EmanueleDev
    Posted 9 years ago #

    i want divide long posts with NEXTPAGE tag.
    And this work fine with link_pages in the loop.
    (i can only use link_pages and not wp_link_pages because gengo(plugin) want >> gengo_link_pages).
    So, now i want previous-number-next as same as WP FORUM!
    I create nav class in style.css but the result is that i can't use 'next' and 'number' at the same time in the function, so i call 3 function, one for the previous,number and next... but the result is:
    (bad icon...)

    Finally.. the question is:
    With link_pages function can i visualize << 1 2 3 >>
    (number and next) ?

  2. alrightstill
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I have been trying to figure that out myself. I've tried various ways, including the three functions, but it does not work. Is there anyway to visualize 1 2 3 Next Page, Previous Page in same code?

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