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  • Greetings,

    I have encountered an issue while using TranslatePress on Divi theme.

    I have several buttons, created through the Divi theme builder, that change text and color when hovered. Trying to use TranslatePress on sites with such buttons results in the following scenario :

    1. The button doesn’t show up at all at first
    2. After a few seconds the button loads in its initial stage
    3. Hovering the button makes it disappear almost entirely, only a tiny rectangle is left of it. After a few seconds the hover effect of the button appears and I can now edit the text and translate it. However the translation string never existed before that in the left-side menu. It is only now being manually added after waiting for the hover effect to appear.

    After saving the translation, the following happens on the front-end :

    Desktop :

    • Buttons take a moment to load and appear in initial stage.
    • On hover, buttons disappear and after a few seconds load the translation.
    • On hover, some buttons never appear and just keep glitching in and out of existence as a tiny rectangle.

    Mobile :

    • Every time the screen of the phone is touched all buttons with a hover-text-change-effect on the page disappear. It makes the entire website shake as the sudden loss of height impacts it dramatically.
    • Some buttons, like on desktop, keep glitching in and out of existence.

    I’d really like to use TranslatePress, but have no idea what to do in regards to this problem. It would seem that there exists some loading time every time this button with hover effect exists; that there exists an additional loading time every time such a button is actually hovered – all of that just makes the entire site look unprofessional and glitchy.

    I’m open for suggestions and advice. The only current solution that comes to mind is removing all such hover buttons and replacing them with normal ones – which does ruin the design effect quite a bit.

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  • Hello @wphelpreq, I have also had problems with the buttons to change color in the secondary languages ​​when they are selected, I do not use a theme divi. I sent them a message and they said they will fix it in a future version.

    The message they sent me was:


    It looks like the menu doesn’t get the current-menu-item class in a secondary language.
    I’ve created an issue and we’ll see if we can get it fixed in a future version.

    Best Regards,

    I don’t know if knowing it reassures you.

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