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  • There are a ton of Divi plugins, add ons, modules, and templates. Most of these slow down your site or contain Divi features that are actually covered by another plugin.

    Divi Supreme Modules is one of the only truly useful Divi plugins.

    If you are an experienced site developer and very comfortable with CSS, you can probably recreate many of these effects in Divi. However, there are many intricacies involved in building a Divi-powered site, so the time you will save with this plugin makes it well worth the money. It is also one of the few Divi plugins that is actively updated and maintained.

    Divi Supreme covers just about every possible custom module you could want in Divi. Yes, you can purchase these features as one off plugins by a smaller developer, but they tend to crash and slow your site down unnecessarily.

    If you are committed to using Divi, Divi Supreme is definitely the most comprehensive and well integrated of the WP plugins offered. You may still need some custom page layouts or Divi child themes (if you are really pressed for time) but as far as plugins go, Divi Supreme really covers all the bases.

    There are really few major issues with this plugin. It does seem to slow down a Divi site by a small amount, but most of the bloat comes from the original Divi theme and not this plugin.

    That said, try to use the features in Divi Supreme sparingly. When you first add the plugin you will feel like a kid in a candy shop, and want to try everything. But some of the custom modules, while they look awesome, will definitely affect page load time.

    Overall though, Divi Supreme is one of the most useful plugins I’ve used in WordPress (and I’ve built upwards of 100 custom websites in WordPress). It is also just as user friendly as Divi (meaning that you can design a cool custom website visually, using a front end editor, and do not generally need to know how to code).

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