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    Hi guys, after your update the Divi icon set gets f…. up on the backend. At front end everything is fine, but on backend all icons (almost all) are seen like 


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  • Michael Torbert


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    Hi @andresmolina

    I’ve opened a Github issue here to look at resolving this for 3.0.1.

    Feel free to provide any additional details that would help, such as steps to reproduce and screenshots.

    Plugin Support arnaudbroes


    @andresmolina we’re not able to reproduce this using either the latest Divi theme or Divi Builder plugin. Please provide us with screenshots of the issue you’re experiencing and provide us with your debugging info (see Site Health > Info).

    CHeck the image link

    Michael Torbert


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    @andresmolina Try these troubleshooting steps to see if there’s another plugin (or your theme) conflicting with Divi and All in One SEO Pack.

    What is sure is that it does not happen on your previous version of AIO SEO, which means if any is your plugin conflicting with another plugin…. If i disable all plugins it seems to work fine, but i tried to find which plugin is causing the issue, by activating them one by one and i can’t find the root of the issue. I can give you credentials to access the site if you want


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    @andresmolina I have archived your reply and flagged your account temporarily. That just means that your post will need to be approved and @ notifications from you will not work.

    Here’s why: you resorted to name calling and that’s not appropriate for a volunteer support forum.

    You’re using a free plugin, you are being helped by volunteers for free. You’re not anyone’s customer here and no one gets to treat volunteers that way.

    Feel free to uninstall this plugin if you choose, but if you want support from any volunteers then please keep it civil.

    My answer was was innapropiate?? If you care at all about my opinion, his was innapropiate too comming from a support team, reagrless of being free or paid.

    Ok, sorry about it, but can then someone tell me how did he enable something in my theme without my permission (which could potentially have broken my site) and not tell me about it when we are trying to hunt a bug which is not present when applying the theme change, and was not pressent in any of the theme builders before your update?

    Im just curious on why he did a change and then say he could not reproduce the issue. Is he able to reproduce the issue by going back to the classic builder?

    And by the way, just so you know I’am a customer of AIO Pro version for other projects I do have, but not using Divi on those. I’m admin of over 34 websites out of which 7 are using your pro version. I use the pro version when is needed.

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    Well after your last update, yes it is fixed, thanks for fixing it and dont take it personal, when I said fool I wasnt saying fool to anyone in particular, and it must language barrier here, I’m not english native.

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