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    One of my client’s site hosted by GoDaddy experienced critical issues with the GiveWP Divi Donation Module plugins. Does anyone know about this issue? Does the plugin need to be updated for the latest version of Divi?

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  • Hi @bakari45,

    Glad you reached out! When you say the site experienced critical issues, do you mean you received a critical error message? If you did, we can use that to get to the bottom of things. Here’s what I’ll need to dig in:

    First, send along your system information. Your system information is one of the most helpful tools for us to use when we start digging in to a potential issue. It gives us a peek at your site’s environment, which can give us helpful clues. You can do this by navigating to Donations > Tools > System Info (tab) and click the button to “Get System Report” and copy/paste that in your reply here.

    Typically a critical error means there is some broken code that is causing your site to crash. Whenever you see that message, it means that a more detailed error log has been sent to the main admin email address (which you can configure at Settings > General in the main WordPress settings).

    Check that email, and then pass along any error messages you are receiving and we’ll be able to help. Every time you see that error, it sends another email. If you need to, you can trigger a new email to be able to see the error message again.

    If you don’t see that error in your email (those emails are notoriously unreliable that way), we can get that information a couple of other ways.

    There will be a record of PHP error logs that you can get from your server. If you don’t know where to find the PHP error logs, you can contact your hosting provider and they will be able to point you in the right direction to find them, or send them right along to you. The logs will give us some helpful context about the issue you are experiencing.

    If those options don’t help, we can use the Fatal Error Notify plugin found here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fatal-error-notify/. You can install and activate this, and make sure the email of your choice is in the email field. It will send you an email with the detailed error code that you can send along to me.

    Error codes contain helpful context about issues on the site, so if you are seeing an error, this will be our best bet to getting to the bottom of things.

    Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime, I’m happy to help.

    Hi @bakari45,

    It’s been a bit since I’ve heard from you, and I know sometimes the instructions we send along need a little extra time to work on. I’m marking this as resolved for now, but if you still have questions you can create a new ticket right here and we’ll be happy to give things a look.

    Have a great day!

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    Hi, when I get back in office I’ll respond. I’m out of town. Thanks

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    Hi @stephanieliy, thanks so much writing back. I was out of town last week and I’m just now able to write you back.

    The issue occurred with a client site. When she and I talked to Godaddy, they said that the issue was caused by the GiveWP Module plugin. So I deactivated it.

    When the issue was occurring, I mostly got this message when trying to save changes to the site or when trying to deactivate plugins:

    Deprecated: Required parameter $render_slug follows optional parameter $content in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/give-donation-modules-for-
    divi/src/Divi/Modules/DonationReceipt/Module.phpon line 148

    The issue also kept me from saving a Divi page I was working on. Here’s a screenshot of a pop-up that I got when the module plugin was still activated. https://share.cleanshot.com/tQc9tf

    Sorry I can’t be more detailed. As you know, these kinds of issues eat up so much time, and I don’t always have the time to go back and forth trying to address them. I typically look for another solution.

    Anyway, I know the client is using a the free GiveWP version, so I’m not sure how much support we can on this issue.

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