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  • Resolved bhull


    Hi there,

    I’ve used this very plugin on a couple of my other sites, but for whatever reason, it’s just not taking hold at a new one I’m developing.

    You see on the front page what a button SHOULD look like by default:

    But where I’ve got my Gravity Form working, the button is completely skewed in appearance. The text is the same color as the button, and the font’s not taking hold:

    Any ideas on why that might be?

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  • Plugin Author Surbma


    Hi bhull,

    thank you for using my plugin!

    You are using the very latest version of Gravity Forms, which is not yet pushed to automatic upgrade. I have manually upgraded, so I was able to fix the button appearance bug. It will be available in the next update soon.

    > The text is the same color as the button…

    You have to set the font color in the Customizer, where you can set the button’s normal and the hover state styles. I guess, the color setting is this color, this is why it shows in this color.

    Or you haven’t set any color, and the “Theme Accent Color” is set to this purple color. For backward compatibility, if you haven’t set a color, my plugin will use the “Theme Accent Color” setting.

    > …the font’s not taking hold

    Do you mean the font family? This is also a setting in the Customizer, where you can set the button’s styles. This is the “Raleway Light” family. You should change the font family setting to change this.

    Let me know, if these tips were solved your issue or not.

    I appreciate the quick response. And I updated your plugin that I see you added today — thanks for that!

    But, to your points…

    1) I’ve got the font color specifically selected as #ffffff with that #6877cb background as the normal state in the Theme Customizer. Then, in the hover style, I’ve got the background selected to be #ffffff and the text to be #6877cb. It works perfectly on the home page and elsewhere, just not on that specific form.

    2) The font is specifically selected as Raleway Light, too.

    But even with your update today, I’m still getting nowhere on the buttons of that specific Gravity form.

    Plugin Author Surbma


    Please try to set both text color (normal and hover) color to this:
    rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.99)

    I guess the normal white is the default color, which means no color. If there is no color set, than it is using the theme’s accent color, which I guess is this purple color in your case.

    If the above color is working, please use this instead of #ffffff.

    Yep that worked with the color issue. Thank you! The font issue is still oddly not corrected, though.

    I really appreciate the support Surbma!

    Plugin Author Surbma


    > The font issue is still oddly not corrected, though.

    What do you mean by this? Can you please be more specific to help me understand your problem with the font?

    The font that’s being shown on that button looks like Times New Roman, a basic serif font. I’ve selected Raleway Light, but it’s definitely not the font that’s being used on the button(s) on that page.

    Plugin Author Surbma


    You are right. I have fixed it, you can update the plugin.

    Thank you for letting me know these minor bugs!

    Perfect. Surbma, thanks so much. All resolved!

    Plugin Author Surbma


    I’m happy, that everything is working. Please consider to give this plugin a great review! 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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