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    I am finding the full setting is not allowing the images to be full width in Divi 3.

    I have placed the shortcode in the ‘full width code’ element. I tried using the Media Large size and setting it to 1400px, this did not help.

    As far as I can tell there is nothing in the theme restricting the image sizes. An image placed in the Divi ‘fullwidth image’ element looks fine.
    I will try some other settings, but if you have any ideas much appreciated.

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  • Not sure if it helps but I just got an error while changing settings
    It said Full is not a valid size.

    Can I use 100% or similar?

    By way of update, I have created a new image size ‘top-bannersize-full’ giving it 1400px width as dimensions. I still seem to have a constrained left aligned image, rather than a centered full width image which is what I am after.


    Any help much appreciated.


    What version of the plugin are you using? If you are getting an error saying that ‘full’ is not a valid size, that was fixed in version 2.1.1. You may need to ensure that you are using full (lowercase) not Full uppercase.

    Hi Micah,

    I have plugin 2.1.1, and I have full in lower case, images are still offset left and not full width. It is as if they are being contained.
    Even in a boxed layout the images are inset by 20-30px, as if there is a padding on them.

    Any help appreciated,


    have had to remove the code from the headers of the site, but I have added it to this page,

    if you have a chance to look.



    Taking a look at your test page, it appears that the images are now coming through as full-size. However, the actual full size of the images is smaller than the 1400px width you indicated you were trying to achieve earlier.

    I’m not sure what you’re familiarity or capabilities are with regards to CSS, but I’ll mention what you can do to stretch and/or center those images…

    To stretch the width of the images, you can apply this CSS rule:

    figure img {width: 100%;}

    I’m not seeing any other figure tags on your site, so that may just work as-is… if not, you may need to make it more specific.

    To center the image, just apply this CSS rule:

    figure {text-align:center;}

    Again, that is generic and may need to be made more specific.

    I just ran into the same problem. The figure tag has default margins. Those need to be reset to 0 (e.g., figure { margin: 0px; } ) for the image to fill the space of the containing div.


    Thanks, Micah, pwarra,

    A combination of these two suggestions has sorted me out. I entered both suggestions into Divi Theme options custom css, and it work a treat. In case any one sees this post. It doesn’t look like it worked in the visual builder but on a actual page load it works perfectly. Thanks for all the help, now I just have the rest of the site to finish. 🙂

    Thank you thank you thank you fellow Divi users! Nothing worked to fix the teensie tiny images until I found this thread and entered:

    figure img {width: 100%;}
    figure {text-align:center;}
    figure { margin: 0px;}

    into my Divi Theme Options > General tab – in the form box at the bottom for “Custom CSS”. Hopefully this helps others using the Divi theme.

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